Drawing & Illustration

From 1986 to 2004 I worked as an illustrator. I was commissioned to create hand drawn images that would be used in diverse contexts.

I drew images that were used in publishing, including book covers and graphic design work.

Many more were used in editorial contexts such as the covers of many magazines, and periodicals, and also as illustrations for feature articles in many newspapers, periodical and magazines in Ireland and abroad.

Select contexts below....


I also created images for three dimensional environments, such as a Heritage experience commissioned in 1999. The drawings and illustrations were scaled up, printed, mounted and joined so as to create a three dimensional environment into which the viewer could be immersed.

This was work was commissioned by Event Ireland Ltd. The images depict the siege of Waterford by Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army in 1649 and 1650.

This exhibition remained for 13 years from 1998 to 2011 when it was decided by the powers that be to rehouse the exhibition in a smaller venue. It is not known what happened to the panels.


I also drew up images that were used as corporate logos, for example, I designed the logo for Temple Bar properties in 1991, and this image was used by this entity as their corporate logo for twenty years before the company was wound down in 2014.

I have also drawn images that were used for animated credit sequences for television programmes.

This section is a small selection of my work as an illustrator.

Chris Reid July 2015